Welcome to BizChamps @ Sensitek


Sensitek has been an exclusive T-Mobile Master Agent for 20+ years. We have adopted the uncarrier approach and believe in finding and solving customer and partner pain points. This belief has led us to BizChamps and we are committed to seeing T-Mobile grow.

Welcome to BizChamps @ Sensitek

Our approach to our BizChamps channel is simple: “We are the most experienced solution-based Master Agent selling the best wireless connectivity!”

Using our IoT and M2M wireless communications solutions, together we become a formidable value-added reseller of IoT enabled products and solutions. Our IoT RAMP platform will work seamlessly with most mobile applications and third-party computer software to help you manage data consumption and right fit you with one of our IoT plans that makes sense for you and your customers. Our BizChamps SIMs and plans will allow you to close deals quickly and increase gross profits as our user-friendly, robust RAMP dashboard platform helps you manage yours and your customers’ data.

In addition, our BizChamps “Sell With” channel increases your distribution opportunities for your wireless solutions and connected products because BizChamps’ experts work to integrate them by providing quick access to all T-Mobile for Business representatives, who are selling wireless communications to businesses and your products with our expertise help them close deals.

Our BizChamps “Sell With” channel builds on our long-standing relationship with T-Mobile. We’ve been selling wireless communication exclusively with T-Mobile, and its predecessors, for decades. Our BIzChamps channel is focused on ensuring that your IoT products and services (modems, tablets, cameras, watches, lighting fixtures, vending machines and SaaS solutions to name a few) are featured prominently with T-Mobile. We have grown with T-Mobile and understand the challenges of bringing third party sellers into deals and closing them. We are the Product and Solution Specialists and moderate and ensure your deals close smoothly – as if you win, we win too.

Our product and solutions partners are pre-qualified and understand the mutual goal of increasing the size of every SIM opportunity. Phones and tablets for businesses are standard protocol in today’s mobile and connected business and consumer environment. We take the standard to a new level. Our plans, SIMs, RAMP platform and subject matter experts help you locate those extra SIM opportunities for your customers, who are not purchasing them from you! Let’s change that.

We’ve seen so many transactions and we know the types of connected solutions your customers are purchasing. Our mission is to help you get credit and dollars for every SIMs transaction. Let us help others make sales for you. Submit your requirements today and let’s get started.